Bring Your Own Device and VIS-BOX proving to be a major choice for Visitor Engagement

10/06/2017 by Brian Trappett
Digital Heritage Interpretation with the Visitor Information Service BOX

From the amount of interest (and orders) that we have received following the Museum and Heritage show last month, it has become clear that our Visitor Information Service BOX (VIS-BOX) proves a clear choice for many establishments wanting to engage their visitors.
Part of the success is clearly the high value for money offered by the system - VIS-BOX can deliver your content in a large building; delivering many different videos, audio trails and slideshows simultaneously to all of your visitors.
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can be a difficult decision for larger venues - why allow your visitor to use their own mobile phone or tablet to access your content when you could be charging a fee to hire a device?
However the initial cost of thousands of pounds to purchase visitor devices and then the added personnel required to facilitate the hire process, not to mention security to prevent theft of these devices can make this option too expensive for many but the largest of venue.
VIS-BOX is a single, affordable purchase which then allows you to engage your visitors 24/7 without the need for any front of house other than posters/signs telling your visitor how to access the VIS-BOX system. This will even allow you to interact with your visitor when your building is closed.
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VIS-BOX serves heritage interpretation digital media - films, walks, maps and slideshows to your visitors through their own smartphones and tablets without need for internet, Apps or phone signal connection with statistics.

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