Connecting Cookham with the Visitor Information Service BOX

23/07/2017 by Brian Trappett
Digital Heritage Interpretation with the Visitor Information Service BOX

Connecting Cookham is an exploratory not-for-profit enterprise which will bring joined-up interpretation of this beautiful historic village and civil parish on the River Thames to benefit community and visitors alike.

Located in the north-easternmost corner of Berkshire in England, it is notable as the home of the artist Stanley Spencer, his paintings depicting Biblical scenes occurring as if in Cookham, the small village beside the River Thames where he was born and spent much of his life. Spencer referred to Cookham as "a village in Heaven" and in his biblical scenes, fellow-villagers are shown as their Gospel counterparts.

Chrissy Rosenthal has taken on the challenge of looking at how to integrate VIS-BOX, along with her vast knowledge of the life and art of Stanley Spencer, to creatively join up the paintings with their specific locations, whilst also interpreting the history of Cookham and presenting this interpretation in a way that visitors and community can actively enjoy and engage with.

Chrissy has also embraced the social benefits that Connecting Cookham can bring to residents through VIS-BOX, such as details of local events, important contact details for Cookham and vital travel information points such as map locations and village smart tours initiated at the local train station.

Connecting Cookham may well prove to be the show case for the integration of VIS-BOX and a perfect example of how the combination of heritage and technology can be effectively integrated to engage, educate and excite community and visitors alike.

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VIS-BOX serves heritage interpretation digital media - films, walks, maps and slideshows to your visitors through their own smartphones and tablets without need for internet, Apps or phone signal connection with statistics.

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