Frequently Asked Questions about the Visitor Information Service BOX (VIS-BOX)

A: It doesn’t! If it helps, just imagine that VIS-BOX CREATES IT'S OWN INTERNET! In effect, VIS-BOX creates a private, local internet that is completely secure and can only be accessed by wireless devices IF they know where to look.
A: We have created a range of removable window labels and stickers (included with every VIS-BOX) and printable signs (access from our website or we can email these to you). These let your visitors know; step-by-step; how to access your VIS-BOX. If VIS-BOX is used as part of a display, tour or general signage, you can include the logon details in your printed material.
A: We have never come up against a device which has wireless capability but is unable to connect to a VIS-BOX. The principal is that VIS-BOX generates a private internet. If your phone can (or has ever) connected to the internet, then it can connect to VIS-BOX.

The following steps will help:
(1) Ensure that mobile data is switched off (so that the phone isn’t ignoring VIS-BOX completely!).
(2) Make sure that Wireless is switched ON and that you choose VIS-BOX from the wireless network selection (so that the phone can find VIS-BOX). (3) In a browser type (Goes directly into the VIS-BOX main menu)
A: Simply connect to the VIS-BOX wirelessly (in the same way that a visitor would) and then, in your browser, type
This will ask for your password (supplied with your VIS-BOX) and then you are in to the main admin panel where you can add and modify the content of your VIS-BOX. An easy to follow step by step manual is supplied with every VIS-BOX to show you how to add your content.
A: VIS-BOX is designed to be plugged in and left. It uses less power than a low energy light bulb when in use and goes into an even lower energy mode when ‘sleeping’ (no activity such as night time).
A: Standard VIS-BOX is mains powered 110-250VAC and is designed to be plugged in and left to work.
There is also a 10-40V DC version for automotive/marine plus solar (battery) powered use.
A: VIS-BOX has a high powered dual antenna wifi network with a 600m clear-view diameter.
For installation across larger areas or areas with a lot of signal-absorbing stone/granite etc. you can extend and mesh the VIS-BOX signal with a range extender.
A: There are many reasons why VIS-BOX is better than an APP. Some of them are as follows:
(1) Research is suggesting that few people actually download and retain ‘rare’ APPS – i.e. apps that are used infrequently (unlike ‘popular’ APPS such as Facebook etc.).
(2) APPS are expensive to create and system specific, so you need an Apple APP and an Android APP plus each APP store will charge you a subscription to host the APPS.
(3) You need excellent broadband or phone signal on-site to allow visitors to download APPS and any updates. With VIS-BOX you can make updates as and when – your visitor accesses your latest information in real-time.
(4) VIS-BOX doesn’t ‘attach’ itself to your visitor’s device. Once they leave your site they no longer have access to your content (except for documents they may have downloaded such as maps).
A: PLEASE JUST ASK! Send an email with your question to
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VIS-BOX serves heritage interpretation digital media - films, walks, maps and slideshows to your visitors through their own smartphones and tablets without need for internet, Apps or phone signal connection with statistics.

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