Father Philip Wells of Polesworth Abbey, Warwickshire, England gives feedback on VIS-BOX

20/01/2017 by Brian Trappett
Digital Heritage Interpretation with the Visitor Information Service BOX | Digtal Media copyright Peter RALi Studios

I'm pleased to commend the VIS-BOX which is fully operational here at Polesworth Abbey. In fact this week I had a session with various interested parties all of whom were amazed at it! We're planning some awareness sessions for our Welcome Volunteers but already people who visit are seeing the notices and stickers and I find groups of people logging on, even when there isn't someone there who is suggesting it.

The system that we have provides information about things that visitors encounter as the walk around the Abbey. The presentations enable visitors to see things 'in action' and also to hear from people about 'what it means to them'.

This is really engaging and we are now proposing an exhibition where visitors can leave their thoughts — it's certainly helping not only with providing information and engaging people in that way, it's stimulating the encounter with the heritage as something living.

We hope that people take away the 'sense of place' - some of the English Heritage documentation refers to heritage in this way, it seems very relevant.

Our VIS-BOX currently gives 1) a tour of the inside of the Abbey and 2) three tours with commentary about the stained glass windows.

This latter was something that our volunteers suggested as we worked with Peter on the content.
We are very very pleased with the result and are now considering using the system to enable people to see photos and videos of areas in our grounds where community archaeology has taken place.

We feel that having started to use the VIS-BOX that this 'revealing' of the history and of the involvement of local people with their-heritage is certainly something that the VIS-BOX will deliver - a huge opportunity for local people, schools visitors and others to see what has been achieved.

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