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23/06/2017 by Brian Trappett
Digital Heritage Interpretation with the Visitor Information Service BOX

You have lots of visitors and you have some really great information that you want to share with them in the form of videos, pictures, documents and galleries.

But how do you make sure that every visitor has an equal chance of engaging with all of that information?

We have all been somewhere with screens that are blocked by other visitors or interactive displays that you just can’t get near to and this gets even more difficult if your visitors are less mobile or are unable to access your fixed displays.

Sure you could hand out devices to each of your visitors, but then you have problems with large purchase costs, staffing costs and security just to name a few.

You can offer an app to download but tell me – how many places have good, free internet without messy login screen asking you for your personal details? How many apps do you really want to download and organise on your devices? App downloads are not a resounding success.

So here’s the thing – how are you going to get your information, your digital content, to the device that your visitors are most familiar with using?

Imagine if you could connect directly with your visitor’s mobile devices without the need for any internet connection, apps or any phone signal.

Imagine a device that could deliver your content rich audio visual media directly to your visitor’s smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Imagine the power to engage, educate, excite and advertise to your visitors while they are looking around your venue, visiting reception areas or while waiting in line.

The Visitor Information Service Box (VIS-BOX) is a personal, secure WiFi content server that is powerful enough to engage all of your visitors with your digital content.

VIS-BOX is simple for you to setup, update and modify. VIS-BOX is simple for your visitors to join and access. VIS-BOX fills a three hundred metre radius. VIS-BOX can be repeated to accommodate larger venues.

You would expect a massive infrastructure investment?

With subscription options from only £29 per month or a single investment from only £950 with no internet costs, no phone data costs; VIS-BOX is incredibly affordable.

Company Overview
VIS-BOX serves heritage interpretation digital media - films, walks, maps and slideshows to your visitors through their own smartphones and tablets without need for internet, Apps or phone signal connection with statistics.

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