VIS-BOX is the leading bring your own heritage interpretation system to engage more visitors at places of heritage, education learning and culture.

VIS-BOX is the leading "bring your own device" heritage interpretation system to engage more visitors at places of heritage, education, learning, and culture.

NEWS! A fantastic new Digital Heritage Interpretation project by RALi Studios for All Saints Church Alrewas with the Visitor Information Service BOX

VIS-BOX provides your visitors with a meaningful experience by engaging your visitors with interpretive stories, objects, ideas and information about your unique place. VIS-BOX gives you full control of your content without the costs associated with Apps, internet or phone data downloads.

Your heritage interpretation digital media displayed on your visitors devices

VIS-BOX works with all devices.

The Visitor Information Service BOX works with all device operating systems.

How does VIS-BOX help you to engage and grow your visitor satisfaction?

You provide a modern, exciting interpretation which is engaging for your visitors.

Your visitors tell their friends - leading to an increase in visitor numbers.

VIS-BOX is a permanent tour guide enabling self-guided smart-tours.

You gain visitor number statistics plus feedback and surveys.

By supporting your less mobile visitors, you offer an equally rewarding experience.

You don't need internet, phone signal or Apps - VIS-BOX takes care of it all.

Making updates in real time, you are never stuck with out of date leaflets.

Where has VIS-BOX helped to increase visitor numbers?

Heritage Interpretation for Churches Cathedrals Castles

Churches, Cathedrals & Castles

Offer your visitors interactive maps, self-guided smart tours and fascinating films about the artefacts, history and structure of these unique buildings. Show your visitors things they may never see like the bell tower in action and the organ being played.

Heritage Interpretation for Stately Homes Historic Houses

Stately Homes & Historic Houses

Guided tours and historic re-enactments are all possible with the Visitor Information Service BOX. Even without any guides or staff, interactive maps will ensure that visitors stay on track. At the end of their visit your guests can give their valuable feedback and comments.

Interpretation for Art Galleries

Art Galleries & Museums

Many painting and exhibits contain a vast wealth of historical and unique information. Signs and information boards can easily distract or start to look unsightly over time. A small QR Code or NFC badge placed discretely by the object of interest can direct your visitor's device to the necessary media rich details.

Interpretation for Monuments & Prehistoric Heritage

Monuments & Prehistoric Heritage

Solar powered outdoor installations could include 3D renders and Virtual Reality heritage interpretation of how a site of ancient importance may have looked. Interactive mapping along with audio commentary will allow visitors to engage with the site for a full experience.

Interpretation for Woodland Recreation

Woodland Recreation

Interactive walks and trail maps can be downloaded as well as detailed information about the flora and fauna in residence can be provided by a solar powered VIS-BOX station which can be discretely located.

Interpretation for National Parks Property

National Parks & Property

Unmanned smart-tours and heritage interpretation audio trails triggered by location as well as QR and NFC can all enhance the visitor experience as well as providing important statistics such as visitor numbers over time and guest experience comments and feedback.

Interpretation for Gardens and Parkland

Gardens & Parkland

Show the beauty of your gardens and Parks at different times of the year. With VIS-BOX you can always quickly and easily update content to keep it fresh and relevant. Maps are perfect to give your visitors a full experience of exactly what your site can offer.

Interpretation for Nature Reserves and Sanctuaries

Nature Reserves & Sanctuaries

Give your visitors detailed information about the lifecycles and types of local animals and plants. VIS-BOX is an ideal tool for engaging young learners and because it is fully self-contained, your visitors only see what you want them to see.

Interpretation for Zoos and Small Animal Parks

Zoos & Small Animal Farms

Tour guides and interactive maps will give your visitors a truly interactive experience. Tell them about what you have to offer and the special offers you may have on sale at the end of their visit. Gather important statistics and feedback to ensure a perfect experience.

Do you want to see how VIS-BOX will help your heritage interpretation?

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VIS-BOX serves heritage interpretation digital media - films, walks, maps and slideshows to your visitors through their own smartphones and tablets without need for internet, Apps or phone signal connection with statistics.

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