Visitor Information Service BOX C1.2 Visitor Information Service BOX C1.2

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Visitor Information Service BOX generates a powerful WiFi network in your building to allow wireless devices such as smart phones and tablets direct access to your media via a captive portal.

Easy to add and update via its WordPress based content management system and simple for your visitors to access and use via a clear large button menu driven menu.

Includes the unit pre-configured with your logo, menu layout and photos/films/text/documents that you supply to us. The system is supplied ready for your visitors to use and for you to develop.

Up to 600m clear view signal diameter.

3 Years Warranty. 10 years design life.

110-250 VAC 50-60 Hz. Uses the same power as a low energy bulb and powers-down out of hours.

Includes visitor information sticker and signs plus an easy to use and follow operators manual.

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